Alan O. Berglund

Dr. Alan O. Bergland is an Assistant Professor in the Biology Deptartment at the University of Virginia.He is interested in basic questions in evolutionary and ecological genetics and studies flies, water-fleas, and birds. Check out the research page for more details. For papers from the Bergland lab, check out the publications page. []

CV available here.

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Karen Barnard-Kubow

Dr. Karen Barnard-Kubow (2016 - current) is interested in the processes underlying the generation and maintenance of genetic variation, and how genetic divergence may eventually lead to the formation of new species. For her PhD with Laura Galloway she worked on cytonuclear incompatibility and speciation in an herbaceous plant species. She conducted post-doctoral research with Ben Blackman examining the genetic architecture of photoperiod in wild populations of sunflowers. Currently she is studying the evolutionary genetics of Daphnia in respoonse to spatial and temporal vairation predation pressure. This work is part of a project examining the role of environmental heterogeneity in maintaining functional genetic variation in natural populations. []

Priscilla Erickson

Dr. Priscilla Erickson (2016 - current) joined the Bergland lab as a postdoc after completing her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology in Craig Miller's lab at UC Berkeley, where she studied the genetic and developmental basis of skeletal evolution in threespine stickleback fish. She investigated the evolved gain of larger feeding structures in freshwater sticklebacks relative to their marine ancestors, focusing on quantitative genetics [pdf], cis-regulation [pdf], parallel evolution [pdf], and the role of supergenes. Before that, she researched sparrow physiological ecology on a tiny island in New Brunswick and worked as a molecular biology technician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She will combine her love for genetics, evolution, and ecology by studying the genetic basis of photoperiodism and seasonal adaptation in Drosophila and Daphnia in the Bergland lab. Read more about Priscilla's work here.

Dr. Dörthe Becker

Dr. Dörthe Becker (2016 - current) is a physiological ecologist interested in the molecular mechanisms by which various stressors are tolerated via acclimation. During her PhD, her research focused on highly conserved stress-induced signaling processes that enable Daphnia to adequately adjust their physiological performance upon environmental change. For her subsequent post-doctoral research with Andrew Beckerman and John Colbourne she broadened her research towards the field of environmental genomics in order to explore the regulatory mechanisms that provide the basis for tolerance, acclimation and phenotypic plasticity. Specifically, her research on different Daphnia genotypes investigated the molecular signatures of predator induced changes in life history and morphology, with particular focus on how these responses are modified by other environmental contaminants (e.g. metals). Her research in the Bergland lab will continue this line of research as part of the on-going project on dynamics of predation induced adaptation in Daphnia.

Austin Edwards

Austin Edwards (2017 - current) is a technician building devices to study Drosophila behavior. He previously was a technician at Janelia Research Campus studying the neuronal basis of social and visual behaviors in Drosophila with Kristin Branson and Michael Reiser. He is broadly interested in applying machine learning and computer vision techniques to quantifying animal behavior.

Erin Voss

Erin Voss (2017 - current) is a technician working on Daphnia evolutionary genetics. Erin attended Bowdoin College in Maine where she studied the evolutionary history of the European Green Crab.

Cory Weller

Cory Weller is a Ph.D. candidate (Bergland Lab: 2016 - current) in the Biology Department. Cory is currently developing computational approaches to map cis-eQTL and perform whole genome resonstruction in experimental crosses of Drosophila. His previous work at the University of Virginia with Dr. Martin Wu included a phylogenomic analysis of 200 bacterial genomes, uncovering a generation-time effect in spore-forming bacteria (read about it here) and was supported by an ARCS scholarship. Cory also leads the organization of the Huskey Research Exhbition as UVA's Research Chair of the Graduate Student Council. []

Alyssa Bangerter-Black

Alyssa Bangerter-Black (2016 - current) is a Ph.D. student in the Biology Deptartment broadly interested in studying incipient speciation and clinal differentiation between populations. She is particularly interested in the role local adaptation, meiotic drive, and hybrid incompatibilities in speciation. She is also a Fellow with the Jefferson Scholars Foundation. []

Yang Yu

Yang Yu (2017 - current) is a Ph.D. student in the Biology Deptartment studying the quantitative genetic architecture of local adaptation in Drosophila. []

Cynthia Ong

Cynthia Ong (2016-current) is an undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Biology and Statistics. She is currently working to characterize phenotypic responses to predation in Daphnia pulex along with Karen Barnard-Kubow & Dörthe Becker.

Daniel Song

Daniel Song (2016-current) is an undergraduate student working with Priscilla Erickson to determine the effect of olfactory and nutrition cues on diapause in Drosophila melanogaster.